Keane calls on Minister for Health to resurrect report on Assisted Human Reproduction

Fine Gael Senator for Dublin South West, Cáit Keane, has today (Wednesday) urged the Minister for Health, James Reilly, to investigate what happened to a report drawn up by the Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction in 2005.

“In 2005, the Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction compiled a report containing 35 recommendations on this matter. The report was subsequently referred to the Joint Committee on Health and Children and was authorised for publication, however, it was never made public and no mention of it has been made since.

“This morning I attended a conference on Assisted Human Reproduction in the Royal College of Surgeons and the issue of the report that seems to have vanished into thin air was once again raised.

“It is simply not satisfactory that there is no statutory regulation governing a widespread practice in this country. It is leaving parents and service providers open to a host of potential legal problems down the line. In advance of the Government framing such a regulation, I am urging Minister Reilly to update the Seanad as to the outcome of the 2005 report and I am asking the

“I am urging Minister Reilly to address the Seanad to update Senators as to when legislation to deal with this issue is due to come before the House.”

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